So today (now the other day because I didn’t finish this post) I was low. Really low, like when you think despite being a lucky, loved person that all the walls are caving in? Thats how I felt today (the other day).

HOWEVER I went and collected my bike from work (it had been sitting there for three weeks while my lazy ass got taxis) and rode to MDL timber. I collected 6 battens (strips of wood that will help keep the plywood walls strong and stable…) and the lovely man gave me some slightly damaged ones for only £7 for the lot. Then I realised that riding home with 6 2meter long battens attached to my bike would be tricky. Tricky, but not impossible…


I worked out a contraption that got a few stares but I was so proud of myself!!

I then went to buy lino off an unenthusiastic man in Waterloo. I settled for some pale imitation wood which was an off-cut he assured me would fit. It didn’t. Whatever way I worked it and not matter how many times I told it to “fuck off” the lino left me with at least 40cm of bare floor. I was so ridiculously mad, I cried. I grumpily went over and over in my head about how much work I had to do and how little experience I have.

But worrying is like grieving before someone has died. What is the point? Just stop doing it (I know this is easier said than done, but I am trying to uplift myself).

So today is take two. I am cycling up to a different floor place and I will be getting ONE PIECE of lino to fit the floor, this will mean it is sealed to spillages and I don’t have to fanny around with a stanly knife and a ruler too much.

If you are still reading for advice on your own van I would say trust your gut. I knew that guy was an ageing cynic who really didn’t give a crap if my lino fit, but I still bought from him. Don’t give people like that your business! Also know your measurements completely, in and out. And don’t cut anything until you have double checked.

The lino was not as successful as the wood on the bike. This is it after flinging the whole shabang onto the floor about 50 meters down from the shop, so I called my mum to come and get it.

I have successfully done two coats of varnish on the ceiling, and I will be covering this in another layer of yacht varnish to discourage condensation. I did this on my birthday. Because I’m so rock and roll.

(That is the best omelette I think I have ever made)




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