So I have not been to see my van in a week.
Me and a really good friend (get it? Friend…friends…we were on a break) Roberto fitted the Fiamma Vent 28 Rooflight last week which went amazingly and here is a short guide to what we did;

  1. Remember the roof light. We headed off to the van with our tools and enthusiasm only to discover we had left the vent at home on the kitchen floor. So yeah, don’t do that.
  2. Clean the roof.
  3. Put everything you will need (masking tape, scissors, extension cable, drill, angle grinder, measuring tape, pen, phone for taking annoying hipster blog photos) on the roof so you don’t have to keep getting on and off the roof. I had to slide down the windshield like a fat seal because the ladder wasn’t long enough…
  4. Measure your area.
  5. tape it off and decide if you are cutting inside the tape or outside.
  6. Measure your area again.
  7. Get Roberto to measure your area.
  8. Drill holes along the lines (less angle grinding, less sparks, potentially makes it more accurate).
  9. Angle grind along your guidelines until you have a lovely square hole
  10. Get confused about how you will then cut through the wood panel underneath. Panic because you didn’t think about the sparks from the angle grinder setting the insulation on fire (so if doing again I would put a damp cloth up in there).
  11. Ask next door neighbour Derek for a jigsaw and cut the wood from inside of the van.
  12. Sand off the edges of both holes.
  13. Use silkaflex UV and heat resistant sealant around the edges of the top part of the vent (the bit that will be on the outside of the van). After some unsuccessful and messy application Roberto informed me to create little beads, so one long squeeze into a little blob, then move on.
  14. Squish it on.
  15. Screw in both parts of the vent with the screws provided and cheers yourself and Roberto for being so boss.
  16. Return jigsaw to Derek.





The reason I then haven’t been to the van is because I’m terrified I’m doing things wrong. I didn’t put a vapour layer/barrier in-between the ceiling panels and the insulations. I did put foil bubble wrap up first, but a lot of things I have read say to put a vapour barrier (just some sort of plastic membrane) over all of the insulation. I have consulted, and now I feel like if I treat the wood (paint and or varnish) this is going to work as a seal/vapour layer. So I’m gonna quit hiding from my van and get going finishing the floor and the walls next weekend. Or I will take down the ceiling, put up a vapour layer, and then put up the ceiling again. Fuck I don’t know. If anyone can tell me exactly why I need a bloody vapour layer, and explain how it will fuck me over if I don’t have one, or tell me I don’t need one and that I’m sound please please do.


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