An Ode to Phil

Phil is my dad.


Here he is wielding his drills after basically completing the ceiling on my behalf. Okay actually that isn’t true, I helped measure, fix the insulation and held things in position. But it really is my dad who deserves all of the credit.

When I first went to look at vans I had a bit of a meltdown. I stormed out of the car (Phil’s car) and went to get the train because I felt inadequate and ill prepared and scared. I didn’t know a whole bunch about vans and thought of garages and second hand dealerships as machismo spaces that I would be laughed out of. Phil ran after me with one of my shoes, apologising for something he probably didn’t even do.

He then kept alert when I was buying the van, triple checking things to make sure I wasn’t being mugged off (it did get a bit tedious at times like but it helped). He drives me to B&Q, Wickes, Screwfix and MDL. He looks after my savings so I don’t fritter it all away on Tesco meal deals and taxi’s.

This one is for you Phil.


Happy fathers day etc.


For anyone reading who is actually fixing up a van, or wants advice. I used recycled loft insulation made from glass bottles for the ceiling because it was cheap. HOLY SHIT DON’T DO IT. Cutting it to size is like shearing a fat sheep, the material itself makes you itch for days and it’s a nightmare to fix anywhere because the tape inevitably gets fluffy. Use insulation board if you have the cash. The only thing it was good for was for shoving into the hard to fill holes around the edges. mmkay.

If you are based in or near Liverpool choose MDL timber for your wood. They have lots of good cheap wood. Much better/cheaper than B&Q – and it’s an independent!




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