Dancin’ on the ceiling

I am writing this while the ceiling isn’t done, in the hope that by the end of day I can say that it is done. I am about 3 weeks behind the original timeline and I was really hoping by now to have all of the walls/floor/ceiling insulated and cladded by now.

So I will return and probably delete the shit I posted about my job and hopefully have finished the ceiling…

The ceiling is not finished. Also I deleted the shit I posted about my job.

MISTAKE ALERT – I stupidly assumed that the sections of the ceiling were equal in width so bought wood accordingly;


However the middle three sections are like 18cm wider, meaning my wood is far too skinny *cough cough*.

I did however remove all of the wood cladding from the floor and manage to put thick hairy insulation onto the first and last sections and the wood panelling.

I used loft insulation on top of the foil bubbles, secured it using Gorilla tape, then screwed 1inch self-tapping screws into the ribs (the yellow metal bits going across the roof horizontally). I also spent about an hour posting furry insulation into all the little holes in the side panelling. I was supposed to take a boomerang of this but I forgot because I was mad at myself for buying overly skinny wood.



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