“It’s getting hot in here…”(please note there is no nudity in the following post)

Commencing insulation


I started with a very hungover trip to Wickes and Screwfix with Big Phil (my dad) where I spent a lot of time laughing at the terms panhead and ironmongery. I was sporting the same clothes as the night before plus a big red wine stain on my new work uniform and vino breath.

As usual I made a few small errors; I bought screws that were too short (½ inch self tappers for anyone who cares), and insulation that potentially might be shit because it isn’t double sided foil bubble wrap (I got cheaper single sided foil bubblewrap) . I also bought expanding foam insulation which someone has since said might give off toxic fumes that will make me feel sick.

However I did manage to get stuff to insulate, ply to clad the ceiling and some other stuff that is quite boring! So today I cleaned and insulated (layer 1) the roof of the Vanni. BTW I did this completely solo, Big Phil was at work so I just steamed ahead and succeeded apart from the clump of spray glue stuck to the top of my head…

Instructions from a clueless person in case you’re still reading

  • clean the area – I used normal soapy water, then sugar soap, then plain water, then dried the whole thing with one tiny bit of kitchen roll (I would have used more kitchen roll if I had remembered to bring it)
  • cut foil to size
  • stick the middle of the foil piece to the middle of the corresponding section of van with tape
  • spray glue one side and stick foil
  • spray glue the other side and stick foil
  • take off tape
  • have a realisation that the glue you bought will not withstand the (hopefully) high temperatures of the sun, so use white Gorilla tape around the edges of the foil because it is made to withstand high temperatures and is weirdly cheaper than the black Gorilla tape and hope this is ok
  • smooth down and feel amazing


The next step will be to do this same thing to the walls.

***Things I learnt…(1)wear a hat – you have to start with the ceiling so the walls look flush, and also so you don’t ruin your new floor with all the glue that drips onto your clothes, and scalp, and floor, and chairs. (2) Don’t use your teeth to rip Gorilla tape***


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